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Audacia Innovations is the world first marketing agency helping record labels and artists to accelerate their careers, increase views and streaming and consequently their profits through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence tools.

Managed by Data Scientists and Music Business Strategits with decades of experience,pioneers in building hits and marketing artists and catalogs of all genres of music, in the digital marketplace. We decided to put our expertise at your service. Starting today, you can enter the future with us, too!

What Audacia is not:

We are not a label, we don’t do production. We are not a distributor. We do not use bots to fraudulently boost your numbers. We are not only a social media agency, because these are often aimed solely at social growth or the artist’s image.

The Audacia team

13 founding partners, with great experience in the music business: Luca Stante, Loredana Buonanno, Honiro Srl, Thaurus Publishing Srl, Alan Tonetti, Giovanni Tiseo, Richveel Srl, Caterina Lucarelli, Paola Roncolato, Carla Aliffi, Giuseppe Dejan Lucido, Roberta Onorato, Gaetano Vacirca.
Some of our partners are also key people in our team:
  • Luca Stante (CEO)
  • Carla Aliffi (Head of Video Product),
  • Giuseppe Dejan Lucido (Data Scientist),
  • Roberta Onorato (Head of Audio Product)

The Audacia team

Luca Stante


President Audacia, he has been serving artists and record companies for more than 20 years. Prior to the founding of Audacia, he had worked as Director at Universal Italy, in charge of the Ingrooves Italy BU. He previously Founded and was the Believe Digital CEO in Italy, Turkey, Greece and began his career in Warner Music as Marketing Manager. Among the artists he has worked for (always on the digital marketing side), there are Mina, Ultimo, Ludovico Einaudi, Sferaebbasta, Ghali, Noyz Narcos, Miss Keta, Achille Lauro, Salmo, Levante, Il Pagante, Gabry Ponte, Gigi D’Agostino, Max Gazzè, Pooh, Roberto Cacciapaglia, Danilo Rea, Stefano Bollani, Ezio Bosso, BTS, Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Louis Armstrong and many others. He has been working with Spotify, Apple, Youtube, Amazon and Social Media since their start.

Roberta Onorato

Head Of Audio Product

Roberta Onorato: has been working in digital music business for over 15 years. He contributed to Believe’s development from startup to multinational by serving first as label manager and then as Head of Trade Marketing. Among the artists she has collaborated with, developing promotional strategies on major digital Social Media and DSP Brunori Sas, Modà, Ghali, Renato Zero, Ultimo, Cosmo, Milky Chance, Dotan, LP, Paolo Fresu and many others. She has been developing special promotion campaigns with some of the leading digital stores including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon.

Carla Aliffi

Head Of Video Product

She has been working in the digital music business for more than 10 years. She worked at Believe Italy as Channel Manager and then as Head of Video. She has contributed to the growth of YouTube channels with over 1 million subscribers such as:

Why do we call ourselves
"Audacia Innovations?"

Research by Loud and Clear by Spotify in 2021 reported that Spotify paid more than $30 billion in royalties to the music industry, but only 16,500 artists generated more than $50,000 in that year.

Well, thanks to Audacia, artists can aspire to earn more. Thanks to Audacia, more artists and more labels can be more Audacious!

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