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*Variable based on your monthly listeners on Spotify.

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Audacity Growth?

Artists who use Audacia will be able to grow much faster than everyone else. They can then be more daring. We base our work on the analysis of large data sets, which are impossible for the human mind to analyze.

We care about our clients’ budgets, so we have adopted a policy of very low prices proportionate to the artist’s popularity.

*Prices vary based on your monthly listeners on Spotify.

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*Variable based on your monthly listeners on Spotify.

Is Audacia's Growth just an automated service?

No, advice always comes from our experts.

The 3 levels of service below relate only to how councils are submitted.

AI: tips to read in your restricted area

AI+H: advice in the restricted area + personal counseling

AI+H+C: combines advice in the restricted area and personal counseling with the production of creative content.

Growth of Audacity
is just
an automated service?

Does Audacia Growth work?

Once the services are activated, you will see weekly tips and graphics, on the best content and activities to implement on Spotify, Youtube and on the major social networks. Our suggestions, created by our experts with the help of tools for the analysis of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, have strictly the goal of organically growing your numbers on Spotify, Youtube and major Social Media.

Working for you you will find a team of experts with years of experience in the recording world. We have worked with many of the best Italian artists.

With our suggestions, the Spotify and Youtube channels of our most receptive clients went from 0 to 1,000,000+ subscribers. Discover
who we are
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“Congratulations, by applying Audacia’s advice your trend is above average for artists in your genre.”
A general index created by Audacia, summarizing your trend on all your channels.

Audacia studies your trends on Spotify weekly, including against similar artists to you, to provide you with dedicated insights to accelerate your growth and earn more money.

As a percentage, how many fans have interacted with your last 10 videos? Read our tips for directing your efforts toward the content that performs best and improving the content that performs least.

Audacia Growth advises you how to accelerate your growth on Instagram more than other artists and bring more fans to Spotify.

Analysis of your Youtube data and dedicated tips to accelerate growth.

Do you want to go deeper? You will be able to click on the channels in the Home for details on engagement and conversion of your fans, so you will discover the following information and tips:

How you can increase the number of listeners who save your song to their playlists.

How you can increase your Spotify followers via your Instagram profile

How you can increase your Spotify fans via Youtube

How to increase interactions on instagram.

How to increase the views of your reels

How you can increase your Spotify followers through your TikTok profile.

How to increase comments and likes on your TikTok views.

How to increase Youtube fans via your Instagram profile.

How you can increase your Spotify fans through YouTube.

Here are our recommendations, created ad-hoc and exclusively for our artists.

Audacia’s advice followed promptly will lead you to an increase in:

  • Streaming
  • Monthly listeners of interactions,
  • Del targe

This will increase your chances of being placed on editorial playlists and staying there for a long time.

This week’s advice was developed exclusively for you and is about choosing the best featuring for your new publications.

Contact these featuring and you will grow much faster. Should you have difficulty contacting them, we can help you.

After careful analysis of your profile, given the growth goal you want to achieve, we suggest below some names selected solely for you based on all your characteristics:

  • X
  • XY
  • XYZ

You are doing great on TikTok! +3% over previous month and +50% over previous year However, Audacia’s advice followed promptly will get you there:

  • To an increase in numbers on TikTok.
  • A greater transfer of fans from TikTok to Spotify

This week’s tip is about editorial plan and timing, to make sure you share videos at times when your followers are most likely to interact.

In fact, analyzing the performance of all your TikToks, the 12-13 range turns out to be the most interesting in terms of total views and interactions.

Keeping in mind the platform’s correct publishing frequency of 3 videos per day, we suggest you share content during these time slots:

  • The first between 12 noon and 1 p.m,
  • The second between 1 and 2 p.m.
  • The third between 2 and 3 p.m.

Your growth on Instagram is 30 percent lower than the average for artists in your genre and stage of popularity.

  • By following Audacia’s advice, you will increase:
  • your fans
  • interactions (engagement) you will bring more traffic to Spotify by increasing: o your Streaming and o your Monthly Listeners

To begin with, from today include in your editorial plan a series of reels, at least 2 per week between 7 and 30 seconds in length, especially next week’s post:

  • Artist images themed to your single, with Audio in the background (both new and already released) and with invitation to listen on Spotify (call to action)

Audacia tips will boost your subscribers and views, as well as transfer fans from Youtube to Spotify.

Since the release of the last Video you have had a 10% increase in subscribers.

Views have dropped in the last week to 300,000

Your annual trend is 10%. With Audacity you can do more! Our goal is to reach 100% annual increase!

To lengthen the life cycle of the EP and reduce the contraction of your YouTube views:

  • Create short videos that replicate content posted on TikTok,
  • Use the EP’s audios with the following hashtag #Short
  • Publish at least 2 per week


*Variable based on your monthly listeners on Spotify.

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