News: October 2022, after 1 year of testing, Audacia launches Growth service to help artists grow faster and earn more money.

News: Audacia launches Stargate, the free platform connecting artists and professionals. A free service dedicated to those who want to make their dream a sustainable reality.

Starting today, you can be more Audacious with us!

Audacia is disruptive: through Artificial Intelligence we accelerate artistic careers and record labels, focusing primarily on increasing streaming and views.

Pioneering Artificial Intelligence Marketing for the global recording industry.

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About us

Audacia Innovations (A.I.) bases its value on people. We at Audacia, partners and staff, are disruptive, a unique mix of IT Engineers and Music Business executives with decades of experience in music, pioneers in building hits andoptimizing catalogs of all music genres, in the digital marketplace.


It all starts with your Music, Audacia increases the efficiency of your promotion activities. At a very low price in fact, it helps its customers increase Streaming and Views. So choose Audacia if you want to accelerate your career or want to earn more money.


Data Scientist

We are here to make sure you apply the best performing and most successful strategies.

A.I. Engineer

A state-of-the-art team to ensure the best results for your artistic career.

Business Strategist

Decades of experience in music business, pioneers in the era of iTunes, Youtube, Spotify and TikTok.


Audacia; Innovation, Disruption, Off-limits, Discovery, Integrity, Transparency; Facts, not words; Inclusiveness; Multiculturalism; Environmental sustainability; Promotion of social peripheries; Love for music; Love for artists; Love of music business; Love for big data; Love for Artificial Intelligence, and creativity.



Our sole purpose is to make our innovative tools make you grow and earn more. Thanks to us, starting today everyone can be more Audacious.

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