Audacia Innovations introduces itself to the Italian market, describing its mission and goals.

Audacia presents its first services, Growth and Scouting, and introduces the professionals who make up the team.

The first results of the Growth service are shown: artist Matteo Paolillo reports a 62% increase in monthly listeners on Spotify after 2 1/2 months of work. In addition, the operation of Growth is described in detail.

Audacia announces that a free service to connect emerging artists to record labels will be launched in November.

This free service is called Stargate, which connects artists not only to record labels but also to all music industry professionals.

The results of follower growth on Instagram after one month for another artist client (Ophelia Lia) through the Growth service are shared. In addition, the Audacia team is a guest at the Linecheck Festival in Milan.

Audacia reports that it has signed up 50 clients with the Growth service, and YouTube channel view growth results for one client label are shown.

The working method that led another artist client to grow his followers on Instagram in less than a month is described.

Audacia helps another client increase listeners on Spotify in 28 days.

Audacia introduces the Hype Index, which indicates artist success through a proprietary formula that considers key metrics to measure interaction and popularity on major digital platforms.

Significant improvements to the Audacia App with new charts and automated recommendations for each platform.

ChatGPT is integrated into the Growth service and brings significant time savings.

Audacia Innovations is already at the top! Diss Gacha - who uses the GROWTH service - gets incredible results: his song Captured ranked 7th on Tiktok and 29th in Spotify Italy's TOP 50.

Final phase of testing underway for Virtual Assistant that enables artists and labels to enhance frequency and effectiveness of lyrics for their key digital channels.

The official launch date for the Text Generator for Instagram is revealed.

The second artificial intelligence-based text generator is launched, this time for tiktok

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