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Trust us! With our tools we put at your service, at relatively low prices, the amount of work for which you would need a team of at least 20 people dedicated to you 24 hours a day.

Data-driven consulting services
and AI for emerging artist growth

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We connect artists with record labels, publishers, managers. FREE service


Data Driven Consulting to AI to Increase Spotify, Youtube, TIk Tok, Instagram numbers

Marketing For New Release

Consulting for new releases


Economic evaluation of your project for negotiation purposes with Majors and Labels

Legal Assistance

Legal Consulting Service

Data-driven and AI consulting services
For managers and established artists

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Consulting services for your next level growth (e.g., from 1M to 3M monthly listeners on Spotify)


Detailed and specific monitoring with 24/7 continuous sentiment analysis for established artists

Customized Strategies

Special strategies/initiatives (influencer marketing, brand partnerships, synchronizations..)

Marketing for new releases

Consulting for new releases

Label-specific services


We connect artists with record labels, publishers, managers. FREE service


To secure the best emerging artists before everyone else, thanks to our algorithms


For large catalogs: Data-driven and AI consulting to increase revenues on Youtube, Spotify, Social Media.

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